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Foreign currencies in the system Batia

The entire publication and reservation system Batia supports foreign currencies. You choose your home currency while installing, afterwards, you can activate other currencies in the administration (e.g. British pound). When activating a currency, you enter the bank account to which this other currency is linked andwhich is kept in this currency– thus, you ensure that the amount stated in the reservation given, in the advance invoice, or in the tax document is corresponding to the movement at the account in this currency.Bellow, you can find informationhow to do this with one account.

Your own or automatic exchange rate for foreign currencies

When activating other currency, as well as when editing, you have the option either to enter your own exchange rate to your home currency, or you can use the latest European Central Bank exchange rate – this exchange rate is likely not so favourable to you, there is an advantage, nevertheless, that you don’t have to alter anything in case of abrupt movements of the world currencies’ exchange rate.

Is it possible to activateseveral currencies for one account?

Yes,… should you have one account onlyand you still wish to allow the client to make a reservation in other currency,it is possible. Activate another currency andas for the bank account, you enter the same settings as for the basic currency. Then, the client has the option to enter a reservation in this new currency, too. As soon as the bank transfer occurs, the client pays the amount stated in the foreign currency, yet the amount will be reflected in your basic currency at your account, converted with the bank exchange rate. Subsequently, for your bookkeeping to be harmonized, you adjust the exchange ratein the advance invoice or tax document given as per the exchange rate used to credit the amount to your account.

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