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Valid price listfor using the Batia system

The price for usingthe reservation andpublication system Batia depends on the number of rooms, andthe system can be used completelystarting from 290 CZK permonthwhere it concerns rental of the whole property, which is run as a single occupancy calendar in the system (thus like a single room, or appartement). All publication tools to run websites,and all monitoring functions, and all marketing toolsincluding the functions of calendar interconnection with other systems such as Booking.com are part of the price. Should you rent more rooms,there is a supplement of 25 CZK per month for each other room, or appartement.

Duration of the prepaid periodanduse of the Batia system testing FOR FREE

The use of the publication and reservation system Batia is always to be paidfor 12 months in advance, and every client gets the opportunity to try and test the system Batia fully in a test runfor 30 days for free.

Possible supplementsandhourly tariff for making to measure

The websites and e-mails sent containacopyright referring to this website (www.batia.cz);if you wish to replace it with your own, we charge 1000 CZK per year. It is our advertisingand signature to our work. This is the only supplement the Batia system offers. Should you wish a making to measure from us, the hourly rate of a programmer is 1500 CZK,and the hourly rate of a graphic designer is 1000 CZK. Due to the extent of the system, we believe you won’t need such services.

Betria system functions

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