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Batia - reservation system for hotels and pensions

The target of every reservation systemfor accommodation is to register room or appartementavailability for a certain date. Our reservation system isn’t different and what sets it apart from the others radically, that’s the direct link to the internet presentation, for Batia contains bothreservation and publication system.

Reservation creation in system Batia

  1. Online reservation–by the client directly on your websites. Due to the interconnection of the entire system, the visitor gets the advantage of having not only the information which rooms are available and for which price, but he can also see the complete offerof possible supplements, and thus in the currencyhe requires (if you have other currencies activated) with the possibility to display all information in the language he speaks (again, if you have other languages activated). After completing the reservation, the client gets an e-mail, which design you can set in the e-mail template editor,includingPDF document with the order, again in client’s language and currency – if you have set the option of automated advances on accommodation, the PDF document is sent along with the advance invoice.Again, you can set the design of these PDF documents in the administration.
  2. Reservation creation in the administration – the administratorscan create reservation directly in the administrations, with all necessities and the option to send necessary e-mails to the clients.
  3. Interconnection – synchronization–of the calendarswith online vendor. The reservation system Batia supportsthe interconnection of the room occupancy calendars with the standard iCalendar (standard for exchangethe calendar data–known as iCal). Thus, for example, you may interconnect the reservation system Batia with Booking.com or AirBnb.com.

Managing the reservation system Batia

The system is completely managed in the Administrationwhich is available on a public internet address using a maximum system security – due to that, you have an overview anytime and from anywhere. The administration interfaceoffers several listingsfor a maximum overview of guests accommodated.

Supporting several currencies

When launching the test version of the reservation system Batia, you set the basic currency you use for your price lists of rooms and supplements. Then, you have the option to activate other currencies in the Administration.

Supporting foreign languages

The same as for the currencies, you can activate foreign languages, too, and thus not only for the websites, but for necessary PDF documents as well. Due to this function, you have PDF documents available also in the language the foreign client speaks – so you can send him an order copy, advance invoiceortax documentdirectly in his language.

PDF documents

For each reservation, neat and up-to-date PDF documents are createdincluding subsequent documents such as advance invoice andtax document.

Sending e-mails

Due to the e-mail templates and the editor thereof, you will send your clients neat reports on their reservationsdirectly from the administration,with an overview how many times and when was the e-mail given sent.

Betria system functions

How to equip your reservation system and website?

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