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Perfect e-mail templates for reservations and sent documents

Through our system Batia, e-mail notices will be sent to your clients automatically, or manually. The automated process concerns, above all, confirmation of accommodation online reservation, or invitation to pay – advance invoice (if you have this choice set up in the administration). Then you can send these e-mails manually in the administration as you wish. The e-mailscan be sent in various languages andvarious currencies – it depends whether you have other currencies and language versions activated.

Design of the e-mail templates

For sure you wish to have your own e-mail template, however you will find predefined e-mail templates in theadministrationas an example, and you can set them by clicking four times so you can see the settings options. Every e-mail template is „cut“ into several content sections,or else individual elements. With most of these elements, you choose different settings such as background colour, text colour and size, settings of displaying table cells, font,etc. You can also set up you own logo in form of a picture in the editor, both in the e-mail heading and footer. Also, many of you will, for sure, appreciate the possibility to display social network icons directly in the e-mail sent. The entire settings of the e-mail template designare created in a well-arranged manner,meaning you choose a certain section of the e-mail template or its element,and you adjust the supported settings subsequently.

Content structureof the e-mail templates

The content structure of individual templates is determined by the art of the e-mail sent, and it always contains everything the e-mail given should contain (due to the predefined structure, you don’t need to deal with a possible language version of the e-mail).

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