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Editor of responsive templates for accommodation websites

The design of your website is one of the things the client will consider when choosing an online reservation among a notable competition of accommodation facilities, too.

Therefore, so you have everything all right,there is a tuned-up inner core of the entire system that supplies you with a nice, well arranged and responsivegraphic form of your presentation. You have the choice from a range of predefined templates, and you can adjust the graphic template chosen in any way if need be. The editor of the website templateswas created so you can set it all up according to your wishes just as simply as a toy – the editor was indeed tested with 10 years old kids. You will be able to change colours of the background, texts, icons. To change the fonts, sizes thereof, boldface,etc. You will be able to add decorations to the websites andto set up the background thereof, textures, patterns andcolour transitions with the option to apply filters, such as transparency, contrast, colour inversion, etc. To change the indentation of individual elements, the alignment thereof, etc. For the icons and pictograms, you will be able to change the size thereof, colours, curvature, transparency, indentation,andchanges whenclicked on with the mouse.

All actions in the template editor are saved automatically and applied in your presentation immediately – so you don’t need to worry that your work is not saved.

Archive of graphic templates

A huge advantage is the possibility to save every template in the Archive – due to that, you can create templates for different events or seasons – meaning, for example, you create a Christmas template, save itand then, every year before Christmas, you can switch the entire website design to Christmas tone within seconds – after the Christmas is over, you can choose another template again.

To embellish the graphic templates, you can insert your own textures, patterns andpictures, or you can use the graphic elements stored at „Batia data warehouse“ where there is a whole range of textures, patterns, embellishment lines, strips, etc. ready for you.

Textures and patterns for editing a website template

Should you wish to use services of a professional graphic designer, you can allow him access in the Administration (with rights limited to the graphic editoronly), and he will tune-up your presentation.

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