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Modern website for your hotel or guesthouse

When launching the test versionof the publication and reservation system Batia,there are basic websites for your accommodation created. This basic website version is partially filled in with an illustrational content,so you have an idea where and what is to be set up. In the administration, you can adjust not only the contents, but also the design of such websiteswith the editor of website templates.

Website responsivity

The websites created for your accommodationare based on a responsive layerusing Bootstrap, so it is ensuredthat the websites of your hotel or boarding house are displayed neatly both on PC and mobile phone or tablet.

Website contents

The content of the entry page as well as all following subpages, room detailsand trip details is created based on a simple structure defined by you. In your structure, you state the order of individual blocks such asHeading, Text field and Automated Widgets. The Automated Widgetsare simple predefined content blocks–e.g. block with social networks, online reservation button, block with accommodation pictograms, overview of rooms or trips, etc.

Websites graphic design

You can choose from a range of created graphic templates in the editor of graphic templates’ design, or create your own design of your internet presentation, and thus very simply.

Multilingual websites

With respect to the fact that the accommodated guests are usually from abroad, too, you will appreciate the option to make your websites available in another language version as well.


When editing individual subpages, you have the option to setall data needed for SEO, such as tag TITLE and DESCRIPTION, which have a substantial influence on the position in the internet browsers such as Google. The entire website’s structure is tuned-upfor a trouble-freebrowsing by internet robots, as well as optimizedfor a maximum SEO support. When editing, there are necessities generated automatically which ensures that all your subpages are integrated into the index of internet browsers.

Reservation form on the websites

An integral part of the websites is a well-arranged online reservation form where, compared to the competition, we not only check for room availability on the date given, but the client will be offered with possible supplements as well (e.g.dinner for supplement, extra parking lots) andthe option to define extra beds, with the rest of the price always being calculated. Due to the possibility to activate foreign currencies, the client can displayprices in the currency suitable to him.

Statistics andconversion measurements

There are scripts for number of visits measurement and conversion measurement of advertising campaign success implemented into the websites code. Thus, you get an overview how are your websites visited, which is the ratio of visits to completed reservations, and for those advertising e.g. on Google, Facebook, orother internetplatforms, it is possible to detect the number of visits and count of completed reservations via those advertising channels, too.

Betria system functions

How to equip your reservation system and website?

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