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Security and data backup of the reservation system Batia

On account of the entire system being online andaccessible at a public address, it was necessary to pay maximum attention to the security of the entire system againstpassword cracking andhacker attacks. After changing from the test version to the life version, both the presentationand the administration are completely accessible through https:// with security protocol SSL only which securesthe encrypted transfer between the client or administrator device and the server on which the data are stored.

Password encryption

All administrator passwords to access the system are encrypted unidirectionallywith an advanced technology, and the password cannot be displayed by anyone, including developers and administrators of the system Batia. On account of this, should you forget your password, it is necessary to generate it anew, since it cannot be found in the system.


To prevent a server crackingby a hacker, the servers’ operationis monitored continuouslyand if there are suspicious queries to the server, the IP addressof the attacker given,or a group of IP addressesis moved to the blacklist. Primarily, machine (computer-controlled) queries to the server are counted among these suspicious behaviours.

Data backup of the system Batia

The backup of occupancy, client reservationsanddocuments is madeevery half an hourfor each presentationin the life version. The data backup of the internet presentation data, such as content and website design, is made once a day. All backupsare stored at external servers, while these serversare placed away from the building where the server with the life version of the system is accommodated, for example in case of fire in the building.

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