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Your accommodation reservations will be beautifully sorted.

A part of the administration interface is a well-arranged listing of reservations done. This administration partoffers you four basic listings of your clients’ reservations.

In all the listings stated bellow, you always have the option to display an overall detail of the reservation, with all reservation requirements (containing basic client data, all necessary DPF documentssuch as reservation, advance invoice, tax documents to the reservation givenetc.to send online, or to print.Information on rooms reserved, extra bedsor supplements. All well-arranged with the possibility to edit and includinginformationwhich vending channel was the reservation made from.)

Types of reservation listings

  1. Occupancy for a particular day

    It contains the overview of all your roomsdisplaying the occupancy of the room given on the particularday + information on occupancy in thefollowing 19 days. With this listing, you quickly get information which room is available starting from the particular day,and for which days. By clicking o an occupied day, you will display the overall information on the client reservation.

  2. Client arrivals

    A particularly useful listing to find outwhich client arrives on which day. The primary use is to quickly find out which room you should get ready for accommodation for a specific date. Or else to quickly find a reservation wen you know the arrival date.

  3. Reservations made in the month

    This reservation listing serves to find reservations as per the reservation date – entry into the system. When entering the Reservation section, you get directly into this listingandthus get the information on the latest reservations made. Here, you should check whether you have all the information necessary from the client.

  4. Reservation of a chosen room

    Very useful reservation listingwhere you can find very briskly who was accommodated in which room, alternatively when will the chosen room be occupied again.

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