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Multilingual site for your accommodation

Our goal is for your internet presentation of your accommodation to have everything your clients could use, which concerns the language versions of the websites for sure. When registering, you choose your primary language in which your website will be displayed, including the confirmation e-mails sent and PDF-documents issued.

How to activate other languagesand make your website multilingual?

Not a big deal,…after having rewrite all the texts in the administration, you choose the section Language versions in the tab Settings and install another language versionfor your website. After installing another language version, the basic structure of the website content is generated automatically – there are subpages for this language version created, e-mail templates in this language + a range of other settings so everything is ready for the client.

What needs to be checked after installing another language?

The base is always the content of the internet presentation. You need to rewrite the texts in your internet presentation subpages, to adjust the texts for the rooms in the language version(or else for room categories), to check and prepare text content for the trips in the neighbourhood. After rewriting all the texts for the language version given, we recommend looking at the entire website with the eyes of a client, including reservation with online form.

If you do everything as described, you open your services to more peoplewhich brings you more reservations.

Betria system functions

How to equip your reservation system and website?

... one perfect system for your accommodation ...

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