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Administration interface for the Batia system

The administration interfacefor the reservation and publication system Batia offers all you need to administrate the reservations, room occupancy and pricelists, to edit the website content and design, as well as well arranged statistics anda lot more. When launching the test version, you will be e-mailed the needed accesses and the internetaddress where you can log in into the administration.

After logging into the administration, you are greeted bythe initial reservation overview, basic statistics of the website number of visitswith informationwhich clients are due to accommodation currently – next arrivals overview.

The administration is divided into several basic sections, where there is always an option in the left menu to switch to whatever you wish to edit, or else you need to find out.

The administration interface sections included

  1. Reservation – it contains 4 basic listingsfor a complete reservation overviewaccording to your current interests: after clicking, you’ll see a reservation overviewas per creation thereof – thus,you’ll see the newest reservations – and you have the option to displaythe foregoing months. Another listing typesareOccupancy for a particular day, Client arrivalsandReservation overviewfor a particular room.
  2. Advances and payments – it serves to control and edit the documents needed for bookkeeping.
  3. Rooms – it serves to edit rooms, or appartementsyou offer to your clients – here, you have the option to setprices for a particular room (in case you use the room category – where several rooms have common features –the prices are valid for the category);subsequently, the occupancy of each room can be displayed with the option to close a roomfor a particular day or date. With the rooms (or categories),you also set the basic pricewhich serves for setting the basic pricesfor automatically added days to the occupancy;it is provided for 3 months in advance in the test version, 24 months in the life version. Further, you have the opportunity to set the internet presentation content completely, so you can choose pictograms for each room, or category, set the descriptions of individualrooms / categories as well as the needed photos.
  4. Website content – it contains following setting options:
    • Content subpage – it serves to edit the content and structureof the subpages such asentry page, terms of business, contacts, etc…
    • Trips and vicinity – here, you can set the website contentfor possible trips in the vicinity, or elseinteresting destinationsfor your clients.
    • c. Automatic widgets – setting of the automatic widgets – they are the website part generated automaticallyfrom other settingsand enriching the content of the website as such. Then, you insert these widgetsinto the structure of individual subpages. You can find here widgetsfor accommodation (roomor room category overview), widget for trips, widget for pictograms, onlinereservation button, fast phone connection, or widget for social networks icons.
    • Websitefooter – it contains a simple content editor for what you wish to display in the website footer
  5. Website design editor – it servesto set the website design completely – how will the website be displayedto your visitors. Predefined graphic templates are part of this section, too;you can choose a tuned-up template and quickly change the colouror give a final flourish with ornaments, textures, or patterns. You can create your own template in the template editor, and due to the possibility to archive each template, you can create more of these templates and switch them subsequently as per seasons– so, you can create a variant for the Valentine’s Day, Easter, summer website version, winter website version, or for exampleChristmas graphic template.
  6. Settings–it serves to change the data necessaryandto activate currencies and languages
    • Basic settings – it serves to set the address of the accommodation facility, to set invoicing data, whether you are VAT registered, to set the amount of the automatically generated advance paymentsfor accommodation, etc.
    • Supplements – setting of possible supplementsyour clients may choose with online reservation.
    • E-mail templates – it serves to set the designof the e-mails sent
    • PDF documents – it serves to set the design of the PDF documents generated
    • Currencies and exchange rates – setting and addingother currenciesinto the systemincludingsetting the exchange rates
    • Language versions – it serves to activate the website language versions
    • Social networks – setting the linksfor social networks and settingwhich and where a social network can appear.
    • Administrators – it serves to add other usersto the administrationincluding setting of their rights.
    • Campaign measurement – it serves for administration and statisticsof promotional campaigns – here you can measure the success rate of yourpromotion at Google, Facebook, or with your internet partners.
  7. Statistics – they serve for overviewwho visited your website and when, where did he come from, or else whether he made a reservation.

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